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"When I first saw Ed Lee, I was in debating whether or not to leave my husband of 10 years (our daughter was five years old at the time). I had been tormenting myself with worry for our daughter, questioning my feelings and going over and over in my head all the reasons why I knew in my heart that my marriage had failed. Had I tried everything? Was my daughter going to be better off with two homes? Should I stick it out longer hoping for a change (like I had been hoping for in the previous years)? Was it really that bad? I had just experienced a series of extremely unsettling nightmares that consisted of me feeling shocked/electrocuted and waking up paralyzed for a moment. Although typically not a believer of “your dreams are trying to tell you something!”, I figured I should probably take these dreams seriously. I was seeing another wonderful acupuncturist who specialized in community acupuncture at the time and she highly recommended Ed. During our first visit, Ed sat down with me and we just talked for the first half of our visit. He asked me what I hoped to achieve from the work we would be doing together and I realized what I needed most was clarity of mind and a centered spirit. Over the next several months I started feeling more confident and clear about leaving my marriage and was able to move out with grace in my heart and peace in my soul. I love the method of treatment Ed uses in his visits. First, he checks in and talks with me, almost as a counselor. We discuss things that are bothering me or that have been swirling around in my head. His insight and guidance through issues have proved invaluable. He has helped me heal past wounds from my childhood and help me see how much influence those past wounds have in my current relationships as an adult. I absolutely believe that it was because of Ed’s work that the fog/anxiety has been lifted and the truth in my heart is now able to strongly shine. I feel like I have been able to mature through this process and am coming out the other side as a confident, secure and centered person. I feel like not only is he my doctor, but that I have also gained a friend. I would highly recommend him, and, in fact, I do regularly! Forever grateful."

"Ed has been a real gift in my life. I originally went to him for a long standing bad lower back issue and immediately realized that this was going to be a different experience altogether. After 2 hours of probing conversation where he was able to discern the heart of many of my deep seated issues, Ed worked on me with 5 element acupuncture. I confess that I was completely ignorant of even the basic tenets of this type of acupuncture but I trusted Ed so thoroughly that it was at least a few months of weekly visits before I decided to ask him some questions and go online and do some research. I have now been seeing Ed for well over a year, have sent 5 friends to him, and continue to find him a compassionate, concerned, perceptive health professional. My back is in great shape thanks to a vision of overall well being that Ed holds as his compass for me."

"I was 17 years old when I threw out my back. I was 90 pounds over weight, depressed, and not taking care of my physical or emotional self. I saw a medical doctor, a physical therapist, as well as a chiropractor and none of those were doing much help. I was bed ridden to my couch watching TV, on three different pain killers, and could barely walk without the help of my mom. I thought that the rest of my life would be completely miserable and I would forever feel the excruciating pain in my back and would never recover to enjoy my youth. After a week of this, my mother suggested I see Ed and try acupuncture. I was hesitant because I was was afraid of needles and potential pain but my acupuncture had worked for my mom's menopause symptoms and I figured I would try anything to be able to go back to school and my regular teenage life. The first time I saw Ed I instantly trusted him because of his warm and inviting personality. I then continued to see him three times a week for three weeks until I was able to go back to school and walk with a cane. I continued to go two times a week for the following two weeks until I felt completely better. It has been six years since that event and I've lost 90 pounds. In addition to losing weight, I still continue to see Ed and get acupuncture as much as I can while I am in the Santa Rosa area. With his help and guidance, I learned to how better manage my life, my emotions, and get the drive to maintain my physical body. 5 element acupuncture has help my mind, body, and spirit become healthy. I could not have done it without the help of Ed and his methods."

I originally went to see Ed for migraine headaches that I was suffering from
approximately once a month. They were becoming more debilitating so that if I awoke in the morning with a migraine, it usually wiped me out for any purposeful behavior until some time in the afternoon, and I might spend the morning in pain, sleeping fitfully and sometimes vomiting or having intestinal upset as well.
I initially went for weekly sessions with Ed that evolved into every other week after about six months. I have now been seeing him regularly for approximately one year. After a few months, I stopped experiencing migraine headaches. That this was the result of Ed’s treatments I have no doubt. But beyond the absolute success of his acupuncture treatments in curing my migraines, I have received so much more from the treatments. I have acquired the knowledge and some tools for better understanding and controlling my emotional reactions to various life “triggers” thereby leveling out some of the extreme emotions I have experienced most of my life. I have learned to be “more present” in
situations thereby experiencing them more directly and honestly rather than through the filter of my own expectations. Being more present has helped me “turn down the volume” on negative thoughts and feelings in my head and significantly shut down the impulse to ruminate/obsess over undesirable future events and results that have not, and may never occur. I sleep better and am more aware of my own processes. I am actually happier. Treatment with Ed has been something of a life changer for me. This has come as somewhat of a surprise as it was not at all what I expected or even considered when I started treatment. So, as you might well guess, I would recommend acupuncture treatment with Ed, without reservation, if you are suffering from an ailment that acupuncture is known to alleviate (and maybe even some its never been used on!).