The five elements simply represent change. Some translations refer to the five elements as the five phases of energy. Nothing epitomizes this better than the seasons. Every year, we go through five distinct seasons. (I know we only recognize four seasons but that fifth one is important!)
Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water
Spring: This is a time of birth, of new beginnings. The acorn knows how to become the wood of the tree.
These are the phases of a year, but they exist everywhere, as well as inside of us. Within each day, within each hour, we are experiencing the change and movement of energy through the five phases. However, sometimes we contract. We tense up and the necessary movement and change gets stuck, resulting in uneasiness, confusion and pain. By bringing back movement, balance is restored and we return to the flow of energy.
Summer: With the summer comes light and warmth. This is the heat that the fire provides.
Harvest: Fullness, abundance and nourishment all come from the earth.
Autumn: That which is no longer needed is let go to allow for insight and wisdom. This is the value of metal, also known as air.
Winter: A return to peace, the stillness of water.
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Edward Lee, L.Ac
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